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2019 wird das "Blood Year". Limitiertes farbiges Doppelvinyl...oder schwarz!


Limitierte Indie Version auf orange Doppelvinyl inkl. vinyl-only Bonustrack! Das Album zum Film oder der Film zum Album. Wie man mag. So oder so THOM YORKE!


Zurück mit "Hello Exile" als limitierte Indie Edition auf blauem Vinyl! Kommt am 04.10.19!

Voll verhundet!

Hunde sind the new black. Also brauchen wir Hunde. Auf Vinyl. 


"Beneath The Eyrie" kommt als limitierte Indie Version auf farbigem Vinyl! Oder in Schwarz. 


Vinyl ist unsterblich und Lemmy quasi auch. Endlich MOTÖREHAD Re-Issues! 

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26.04.2019 | 09:11

My Top 5 mit Stevie von den CLOWNS! "Nature/Nurture" out now!!!

Wir sagen bereits jetzt voraus, dass "Nature/Nurture" von CLOWNS neben PUPs "Morbid Stuff" die Konsens-Gitarren-Platte des Jahres werden wird! Auch wenn sich die Auslieferung - sorry! - etwas verzögert hat. Eigentlich wollten wir Stevie ja in seinem heimischen Melbourne über seine Top 5 Platten befragen, aber leider, leider war das nicht im Budget, so dass er uns seine Lieblingsplatten gemailt hat. Dass Stevie lange nicht mehr so aussieht wie auf dem mitgelieferten Photo, hat uns dabei nicht gestört. 
Frenzal Rhomb          San Souci            
It’s the perfect mixture of musicianship, song writing artistry, humour, light heartedeness, politically minded punk rock that is quintessentially Australian. I think Frenzal Rhomb may be my biggest influence as a musician, which is awesome to say because they have become my friends too

The Distillers              Sing-Sing Death House  
Brody Dalle is my spirit animal. She’s just so cool and badass, and her lyrics are outta this world. She is like a god to me. Her voice is a perfect mixture of course melodicism and on this record they really nailed that fine line between that classic punk grit and outstanding song writing.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring          Primary Colours
The god-fathers of Australian Garage rock. This band pretty much created an entire sub-culture and sub-genre with their DIY attitude and slacker style. Twangy guitars and effortlessness meet with incredible artistry on this record in a way that is so unique and refreshing, it’s really hard to think of a record that sounds anything like it and is any good. I would say that no Australian has been more influential on local Australian music in the last 10 years than Eddy Current. The twangy guitars and spoken word element of their music permeates throughout so many different bands and this album is the best entry to discovering why this band is so great. I dare you to listen to it 10 times and tell me you don’t like it!

Alison Wonderland         Awake 
My favourite EDM artist right now. She’s a Sydney born night club DJ who has since turned into a worldwide superstar. She has been the highest billed female DJ at any Coachella EVER and her records are the perfect blend of Electronic Pop and dirty dance hits. I used to see her play when I was 18 at night clubs and watching her rise has been truly inspiring.

The Birthday Party           Prayers On Fire
Before I heard the Birthday Party, I didn’t understand what dark music was. The Birthday Party are the real deal. Their ability to push against the grain of popular culture in the 80’s culminated their sound and paved the way for so many other bands to start making dark music, particularly in Australia, today. Their songs are harrowing and provoke heavy feelings within. They played their instruments like no one else at the time and like no else ever will. Go check out some of their live videos, I’ll never understand how a band is able to play like that, but I’m glad they did.
bad blood
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i shaved my legs for you
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lucid again
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