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02.02.2018 | 10:19

My Top 5 mit Niclas von THE BABOON SHOW

Der Countdown läuft: In zwei Wochen erscheint das langerwartete "Radio Rebelde" von THE BABOON SHOW und dann geht es für die Schweden auch direkt auf Tour. Dass es bei uns das limitierte olivgrüne Vinyl samt Bonus-7" gibt, müssen wir wahrscheinlich nicht mehr betonen, deshalb überlassen wir doch einfach Schlagzeuger Niclas das Wort. 
I’ve listed five albums that’s been important to me. In no particular order.
Iron Maiden ”Somewhere In Time”
My all-time favourite band. This is their masterpiece and I can listen to it no matter which mood I’m in. Happy or sad, Iron Maiden always works. Up the irons!

Bathory ”Blood Fire Death”
Bathory, the crown jewel of early Swedish black metal. This album means very much to me, especially the title track. Quorthon was a true genius when it comes to song writing and creating great sound landscapes. And the artwork is just fantastic! I live about twenty minutes from his gravesite. Sometimes I go there on his birthday.

Misfits ”Walk Among Us”
I grew up as a metal kid and I saw the guys in Metallica wearing these really cool t-shirts with skulls and stuff. I always wondered where they got them from, and then someone told me it’s a punk band called Misfits. I hadn’t been listening much to punk music but I checked them out and it was just perfect to me. Great music with the whole horror thing together. ”Demon I am and face I peel!”

Oasis ”Definitely Maybe”
In 1994 I went to this big festival in Sweden. It was a mixed festival with all kinds of music. I mostly watched metal bands and punk/hardcore bands. One day there was some hours when there wasn’t much I wanted to see. Then a friend of a friend asked me if I wanted to join him and go see a new upcoming band from the UK. I was totally blown away by the loud energy and the attitude that came from that stage. Oasis opened up a whole new world of music to me and I’ve been collecting their stuff ever since.

Breach ”It’s Me God”
Old friends from upnorth Sweden where I’m brought up. I also used to play in a band together with one of the guitarplayers. I liked Breach already from the start. But it was when they released It’s Me God in 1997 that I really went like ”What did I just listen to? Did they really do this??!!” So fucking heavy and raw that I could almost not believe it! And I promise you, I listened to that album almost every day for over one year. And I’m still not tired of it. Timeless album!
LP+Dwn  €  13,99
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people's republic of the baboon show
LP  €  14,99
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punkrock harbour
LP  €  13,99
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radio rebelde (dark burgundy red vinyl)
LP+Dwn  €  15,99
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radio rebelde (special digipak edition)
Merch  €  15,99
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radio rebelde (standard edition)
Merch  €  14,99
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the world is bigger than you
LP+Dwn  €  18,99
Preis inkl. MwSt, zzgl. Versandkosten
blood fire death
LP  €  21,99
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somewhere in time
LP  €  18,99
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