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10.11.2017 | 10:08

My Top 5 mit Geoff von JAYA THE CAT

Hallo JAYA THE CAT! Gut, dass Ihr die Zeit gefunden habt, Eurem Frontmann Geoff unsere "My Top 5" unterzuschieben, obwohl Ihr wahrlich anderes um die Ohren habt mit der kommenden Tour und dem am 17.11.17 erscheinenden neuen Album "A Good Day For The Damned"!
01.          The Clash            London Calling
This is the album that made me want to play music. This is also the album that introduced me to reggae. I thought reggae sucked as a kid, and I remember being in my mom’s car and Guns of Brixton was playing and I was like ‘this is my favourite song ever’ and she just looked at me and said ‘I thought you hated reggae, Geoff?’ It’s cliché to have that be your favourite album but screw it, everything about it is perfect.
02.          The Pogues        If I Should Fall From Grace With God    
To me, Shane Macgowan is the greatest writer, living or dead. Get a bottle of wine down my neck and put on ‘The Broad Majestic Shannon’ or ‘Misty Morning Albert Bridge’ and watch me sing along and try not to cry.
03.          Bob Marley        Live      
When I realized I might like reggae after all, I went out and bought this. For no real reason it was just like, okay Bob Marley must be where you start and I think it was on sale cause it was a live album. I have so many memories of driving around baked all that summer listening to this. There are reggae albums I might like better but this is the first I found and it’s murder. They’re playing those songs like their lives depend on it.
04.          Tom Waits          Closing Time    
I got bored to tears with his stuff as he got older, it mostly sounds like a sober businessman trying to be ‘edgy’ but his first 4 or 5 albums really hit me. They really all could be interchangeable I just put this one cause it was the first to come to mind.
05.          The Flaming Lips              Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots            
I didn’t wanna like this band. One of my ex girlfriends insisted I go see them with her cause we had free tickets. So good. I got this album and refused to listen to anything else for an entire year.

JAYA THE CAT on tour:
10.11. DE - Hamburg - Grünspan
11.11. DE - Berlin - BiNuu
13.11. DE - Münster - Sputnikhalle
14.11. DE - Hannover - Musikzentrum
15.11. DE - Leipzig - Felsenkeller
16.11. DE - München - Backstage
17.11. DE - Stuttgart - Hallschlag
14.12. DE - Bremen - Tower
15.12. DE - Kiel - Räucherei
16.12. DE - Köln - Live Music Hall
10.01. DE - Frankfurt - Nachtwerk
london calling
2 LP  €  21,99
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yoshimi battles the pink robots
LP  €  22,99
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a good day for the damned
LP  €  19,99
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basement style (reissue)
LP  €  18,99
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basement style (reissue/lim.ed.)
MC  €  9,99
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first beer of a new day (reissue)
LP  €  16,99
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more late night transmissions with.
LP  €  19,99
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LP  €  16,99
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the new international sound of hedo
LP  €  16,99
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live! (limited lp)
LP  €  22,99
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if i should fall from grace with go
LP  €  18,49
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the early years vol.1
LP  €  22,99
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