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24.05.2019 | 08:30

Dirk von den DEAD KITTENS verrät uns seine Top 5. Außerdem macht er Cartoons. Mit Häschen.

Wenn man die Auswahl seiner Top 5 anschaut, weiß man, warum der Humor seiner Cartoons immer ein wenig abseitig, aber dennoch immer menschlich ist. Dirk von DEAD KITTENS hat live nur seinen Schlagzeuger zur Seite, was ihn nicht daran hindert, hier tief in seine musikalische Seele blicken zu lassen. "I Am Not A Ghost", das neue Album von DEAD KITTENS, erscheint genau HEUTE! 
01.          Dead Kennedys - Frankenchrist 
This is one of the first punk albums I ever got. I loved it immediately. The sound, the lyrics, everything. It's so intelligent and musically too. For me it doesn't get much better than this.
02.          Misfits  - Earth AD/Wolfsblood 
I got this on a tape from a friend way way way back. After that I had been walking around with songs in my head for years thinking I made them up myself until I realized they were just mutated Misfits songs. The same happened with a Cock Sparrer song by the way.

03.          Townes van Zandt - High, low and Inbetween    
There are a couple of religious songs on here. I don't like religion at all so I find it hard to like those. But these other ones! These are just great. I would walk long walks listening to Townes van Zandt and trying to 'feel how the ground does move'. There's love and life in these songs. As it should be.

04.          Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band - Doc at the Radar Station              
Man, this is just so good. Weird lyrics. There is so much happening here. And the Captain sounds so great. The way he uses his voice, it's always different but always the same (if that makes any sense). They also used a piece they recorded called: 'The music that made the cat go crazy'. It was used in the middle part of Ashtray Heart, the second song. Captain Beefheart also once was dissapointed in the sun after he saw a painting by van Gogh. Only someone as great as Captain Beefheart can be dissapointed in the sun.

05.          Wire - 154           
I met Colin Newman twice after a Wire show and both times I didn't make any fucking sense. What I was trying to say in my awe inspired ramblings was that I fucking love this music and I wish I could do this too.
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