• 1.1. chylde of fire
  • 1.2. if wishes were horses
  • 1.3. mr haze
  • 1.4. wooden cross (i cant wake the dead)
  • 1.5. queen of bees
  • 1.6. merlins daughter
  • 1.7. i see a man
  • 1.8. sorrow evoker
  • 1.9. you suffer
  • 1.10. the invisible
  • 1.11. attention!
19. Oktober 2012
Genre: Metal



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Über diesen Artikel

Comes as heavyweight vinyl in front laminated flipback sleeve. Firewood is the second album from Swedish Doom Rock legends, Witchcraft. Moving on from where they left off on their cult-classic self-titled 2004 opus, 2005s Firewood gained the band a wider audience, particularly in America. The Sabbath, Pentagram and garage rock influences are still strong and clearly heard, whilst the actual songwriting and production became more defined. Key tracks such as Chylde of Fire and Queen of Bees are firm favourites by fans today and staple additions to the set list. Witchcraft are a band that can swing effortlessly from orthodox Doom to Blues, Folk and Jazz, whilst always remaining shrouded in the cloak of influence from some of the more obscure moments of ... mehr lesen