• 1.1. to asgaard we fly
  • 1.2. open wide
  • 1.3. i am god
  • 1.4. the one insane
  • 1.5. across the open sea
  • 1.6. in the northern lands
  • 1.7. forever goodbye (2045)
  • 1.8. execute them all
  • 1.9. captured
  • 1.10. breaking the law
  • 1.11. the general


across the open sea (ltd picture disc)

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Über diesen Artikel

This 2016 vinyl edition comes in Picture Disc LP with Gatefold Jacket, limited to 400 copies. Should Death metal had to be tagged under just a few bands Unleashed must be among them. Since the classic 1991 Where No Life Dwells debut, the band have been releasing some of the key and most influential riffs of the genre. Across The Open Sea is the third studio album, focused on Viking culture and all the elements you need from any Unleashed album plus a cover from Judas Priest's "Breaking The Law".