• 1.1. unisonic
  • 1.2. souls alive
  • 1.3. never too late
  • 1.4. i've tried
  • 1.5. star rider
  • 1.6. never change me
  • 1.7. renegade
  • 1.8. my sanctuary
  • 1.9. king for a day
  • 1.10. we rise
  • 1.11. no one ever sees me
30. März 2012


unisonic (lp+cd)


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Über diesen Artikel

A few years ago, in Hamburg, a bunch of young musicians in love with metal and rock and roll, with a bag full of dreams and exciting riffs recorded a few songs for a metal compilation, dreaming that one day the whole world would get to listen to their music. A few months later, they were sharing stages at the biggest festivals all over the world with their English idols Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Their albums were suddenly considered "classic". This band was called Helloween. Many years later, the band is still delivering strong albums and is at the top of the game. But for many fans classics like 'Keeper Of The Seventh Keys Part 1 and 2', bring back one thing: the memory of the last metal singer/guitarist iconic couple: Kai Hansen and Michael ... mehr lesen