• 1.1. the misinterpretation of silence and its disastrous consequences
  • 1.2. everyone i love is dead
  • 1.3. black no.1
  • 1.4. it's never enough
  • 1.5. love you to death
  • 1.6. black sabbath (from the satanic perspective)
  • 1.7. christian woman
  • 1.8. 12 black rainbows
  • 2.1. my girlfriend's girlfriend (chesse organ mix)
  • 2.2. hey pete (pete's ego trip version)
  • 2.3. everythig dies
  • 2.4. cinnamon girl (depressed mode mix)
  • 2.5. unsuccessfully coping with the natural beauty of infidelity
  • 2.6. stay out of my dreams
27. September 2013
Genre: Metal

type o negative

the least worst of

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Über diesen Artikel

Called "...the decade's best American doom-metal band" by the Village Voice, Type O Negative have a rich history of general negativity and cathedrals of sound. 'Slow Deep and Hard,' 'The Origin of the Feces,' 'Bloody Kisses,' 'October Rust' and 'World Coming Down' have all solidified the Brooklyn four-piece's place in rock's hall of fame. Their unique combination of dark, moody, heavy music with melody and their unorthodox lyrics smack of the influence of their heroes Black Sabbath and The Beatles, among others. 'The Least Worst Of' includes all their clasics in full, gloomy glory, plus five previously-unreleased tracks & the band's own favorites!