• 1.1. insomniawesome
  • 1.2. they followed the scent of jihad all the way to thieves paradise
  • 1.3. instant circulation
  • 1.4. collapse & marathon
  • 1.5. garlic breakfast
  • 1.6. fucked as punk
  • 1.7. digital dogs with analog collars
  • 1.8. destructioneer extraordinaire
  • 1.9. hollow factory
  • 1.10. swine into silk
  • 1.11. threatnurse
  • 1.12. all hands on the medic.
22. März 2013
Genre: Metal

trap them

sleepwell deconstructor

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Über diesen Artikel

180-gram virgin vinyl LP release of the critically acclaimed debut album LP includes free digital download of album Produced by Kurt Ballou. Colored vinyl TRAP THEM enlisted the help of co-conspirator Scott Defusco, drummer for DECEMBER WOLVES (Earache) and recorded their debut full-length with Kurt Ballou, who went so far as to write a song with the band and perform on the album. These are not desperate youth with clichés to spit and nowhere to turn; these are men who have lived for their art. This is TRAP THEM, and they are prepared to break down your front door and put their art right in your face. The Sleepwell Deconstructor gatefold LP also features brand new artwork by Justin Bartlett, known for his recent work with CADAVER, SUNN 0))), and ... mehr lesen