• 1.1. one with the underdogs
  • 1.2. keep your mouth shut
  • 1.3. less than zero
  • 1.4. are we alive?
  • 1.5. overcome
  • 1.6. spit my rage
  • 1.7. no one cares
  • 1.8. not this time
  • 1.9. crushed by the truth
  • 1.10. out of my face
  • 1.11. all i've got


one with the underdogs

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LP pressed on color vinyl, includes digital download. Throughout the twelve-year history of TERROR, we have had many ups and downs, countless triumphs and setbacks. Through the years, and for better or worse, TERROR has gone through several record labels. In 2004 we linked up with Trustkill Records to release One With The Underdogs and in 2006 Always The Hard Way was also released by the label. Aside from those albums, Trustkill reissued Lowest Of The Low (originally on Bridge 9) in 2005 and also released a DVD called The Living Proof in 2006. Singer Scott Vogel says "Looking back, Trustkill was pretty good to us. That was when records still sold and for how young of a band we were, Josh was really pushing TERROR. To be honest, we don't know the ins ... mehr lesen