• 1.1. entering the angel diabolique
  • 1.2. sadistic lullabye
  • 1.3. my need
  • 1.4. skin after skin
  • 1.5. wings of domain
  • 1.6. steelbath suicide
  • 1.7. in a close encounter
  • 1.8. centro de predominio
  • 1.9. razorlives
  • 1.10. demon in veins
  • 1.11. the aardvark trail
  • 1.12. sadistic lullabye ( live in tilburg - 1999 bonus track )
  • 1.13. the aardvark trail ( live in tilburg - 1999 bonus track )


steelbath suicide


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Limitiertes, graues 180g Vinyl! "Steelbath Suicide" helped to shape the melodic death/thrash scene as it is today. Since it has never been reelased in Vinyl format, the demand from the fans has only grown and become overwhelming. It's time to release this one with the complete artwork facelift of the re-release with some authentic bonus live recordings from that era. Demonstrating the volatile nature and aggression the band had in those days, this album, along with the second one "The chainheart machine", is also the stepping stone for SOILWORK and there was a reason why there was such a buzz around the band, paving its path for where they are now. Few bands have mixed the aggressiveness of metal with genuinely catchy choruses to such impressive ... mehr lesen