• 1.1. rhyacian: untimely meditations (2017 studio version)
  • 1.2. rhyacian: untimely meditations - instrumental (2017 studio version)

ocean, the


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While THE OCEAN are working on the conceptual sequel to the band's 2007 album Precambrian; the band has recently reissued the album on vinyl. To further celebrate the 10th anniversary, the Berlin musician's collective has announced a short tour around a number of European festivals this spring, where they will perform the album in its entirety. This 12" picture disc features a brand new studio re-recording of the ,Precambrian" opener Rhyacian, with the band's current lineup. The B-side has an instrumental version of the same track, which is exclusive to this Record Store Day release! Few albums still feel relevant, fresh and contemporary-sounding, 10 years after their original release. THE OCEAN's musically most mature and versatile album to that ... mehr lesen