• 1.1. conform
  • 1.2. scum will rise
  • 1.3. your god
  • 1.4. suffering soul
  • 1.5. unsilent death
  • 1.6. traitor
  • 1.7. i will not follow
  • 1.8. no servant
  • 1.9. scape goat
  • 1.10. depths
26. November 2010
Genre: Metal


unsilent death

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Über diesen Artikel

Southern Californias' NAILS was formed in December 2007 by Todd Jones (ex-TERROR) along with the help of Taylor Young (CREMETORIUM), and John Gianelli. NAILS is beyond brutality. Filthy, vicious and raw. Imagine a cross between the good Amrep bands of the nineties (HELMET, HAMMERHEAD, TODAY IS THE DAY, UNSANE) and CRO-MAGS "Age of Quarrel" riffage played at breakneck speeds. Their epic battle cry: "Unsilent Death" was recorded during the cold winter of 2009 at Kurt Ballou's (CONVERGE, TRAP THEM, DISFEAR, BLACK BREATH) Godcity Recording Studio. The CD version of "Unsilent Death" was originally released in very limited quantities by Six Feet Under records. The LP version was self released by the band on Todds' Streetcleaner label and quickly sold ... mehr lesen