• 1.1. intros > holy wars... the punishment due
  • 1.2. reckoning day
  • 1.3. sweating bullets
  • 1.4. train of consequences
  • 1.5. in my darkest hour
  • 1.6. a tout le monde (set me free)
  • 1.7. symphony of destruction
  • 1.8. peace sells
  • 1.9. victory


night of the living megadeth

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Über diesen Artikel

Megadeth, live on MTV, at Webster Hall in New York City on 25th October 1994. Finally on red coloured vinyl! On October 25th 1994, a few days before the Halloween release of their classic 'Youthanasia' album, Megadeth played a superb gig in New York, offering fan favorites old and new, as well as a very rare live rendition of Victory. Originally broadcast as 'Night Of The Living Megadeth' on MTV, the set is presented here in full, together with background notes and images.