• 1.1. fools
  • 1.2. birth day
  • 1.3. sedatives
  • 1.4. broken home
  • 1.5. brave new world
  • 1.6. black lies
  • 2.1. small wonder
  • 2.2. december
  • 2.3. king of kings
  • 2.4. ascension




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Ascension is Jesu's third studio album and was originally released on Caldo Verde Records in 2011. Now completely remixed by Broadrick himself and remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin, Robotic Empire is pleased to offer this gem on vinyl for the very first time! Housed in a gatefold jacket with matte finish, printed inner sleeves that contain full album lyrics, white colored vinyl or standard black vinyl, and includes a high quality digital download card. Jesu is back with Ascension, Conqueror's proper sequel. It's better than anyone, let alone Broadrick, had any right to expect. At first, Ascension sounds like a muted, grayscale version of Conqueror's heavenly pressure and kaleidoscopic apocalypse. But as new elements like acoustic guitar and ... mehr lesen