• 1.1. incarnate 365
  • 1.2. no one
  • 1.3. systems overload
  • 1.4. armenian persecution
  • 1.5. grace of the unholy
  • 1.6. forevers horizon
  • 1.7. mediator
  • 1.8. salvations malevolence
  • 1.9. fading away
  • 1.10. jimson isolation
  • 1.11. the screams
  • 1.12. search for divinity
  • 1.13. unveiled horizons


systems overload (clear green vinyl)

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Five absolutely classic releases from Cleveland's infamous Integrity are coming back in print on new color variants! These records helped set the tone for all metallic hardcore for generations to come! The group issued its debut album, Those Who Fear Tomorrow, in 1991, and for a time recorded mostly for singles and compilations. They finally returned in 1995 with Systems Overload, recorded for the Victory label, which would release most (but not all) of the band's recordings through the remainder of the '90s. Releases such as 1996's Humanity Is the Devil and 1997's Seasons in the Size of Days found Dwid's religious obsessions taking center stage in almost concept-album form; the records also helped broaden Integrity's audience beyond the hardcore ... mehr lesen