• 1.1. a dream of milion corpses
  • 1.2. the foul places of thirst and eternal death
  • 1.3. eternal
  • 1.4. revenge of dead
  • 1.5. operation: terror
  • 1.6. black pandemic
  • 1.7. devoted to death
  • 1.8. walking horrors of the undead
05. November 2013
Genre: Metal

graveyard / korgull the exterminator

la gernandat de la nit profunda

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Über diesen Artikel

After all, one can't help but think: what is actually the REAL of a split release. Is it just a convenient way to put together two different recordings by two different bands just to save money? Or does one take advantage of this unusual format and go all the way with it? GRAVEYARD and KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR didn't bother asking themselves the question twice. On the surface, they may seem to come from two different planets: while GRAVEYARD have been churning death metal the ancient way with a Swedish flavour ever since they first roared back in 2007, KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR are even more on the primitive side with their nasty and filthy hybrid of proto-black metal, thrash and punk. But besides being both from Barcelona, as soon as the later set ... mehr lesen