• 1.1. the last act of defiance
  • 1.2. fabulous disaster
  • 1.3. the toxic waltz
  • 1.4. low rider
  • 1.5. cajun hell
  • 1.6. like father, like son
  • 1.7. corruption
  • 1.8. verbal razors
  • 1.9. open season


fabulous disaster (ltd picture disc)


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Über diesen Artikel

This 2016 vinyl edition comes in LP picture disc with Gatefold Jacket, limited to 400 copies. Reissue of Fabulous Disaster, the third full length studio album of American thrashers Exodus, showing the band at the peak of their musical composition and creativity after the highly acclaimed Bonded By Blood and Pleasures Of The Flesh. The album included cover versions from AC/DC's "Overdose" and "Low Rider", originally written by American funk band War.