• 1.1. kill to live
  • 1.2. bedlam attack
  • 1.3. pandemic rage
  • 1.4. second to none
  • 1.5. bait and bleed
  • 1.6. waiting for death
  • 2.1. eternal woe
  • 2.2. digitus medius
  • 2.3. vulture and the traitor
  • 2.4. the underminer
  • 2.5. soldier of no fortune
23. Dezember 2016

entombed a.d.

back to the front (ltd double picture disc)


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Über diesen Artikel

This 2016 vinyl edition comes in 2LP picture disc with Gatefold Jacket, limited to 400 copies. After a 7 years break and legal issues for Entombed's band name, vocalist Lars Goran Petrov released, alongside last active members, Back To The Front under Entombed A.D.'s name. The name says it all, as riffs and catchy tunes included in the album give the band the place they deserve in 21st century death metal scene.