• 1.1. thurisaz dreaming
  • 1.2. building with fire
  • 1.3. one thousand years of rain
  • 1.4. nauthir bleeding
  • 2.1. in times
  • 2.2. daylight


in times

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2LP black vinyl in gatefold with etched logo on side D. In 2012 ENSLAVED inked a worldwide deal with leading label Nuclear Blast Records. This all resulted in Enslaved's groundbreaking 2012-album "Riitiir", followed up throughout 2013, which became a year of expansion for Enslaved - with North American and European tours, and of course more festival appearances around the world. It also became the year when Enslaved finally made its way down under to Australia, a highly memorable and successful endeavor. Upon returning at the end of the year, songwriting once again commenced and 2014 were set to be the year when Enslaved took yet another step up, out, forward and whatever directions there are. The year started with supporting Swedish ... mehr lesen