• 1.1. pleasure, pain, disease
  • 1.2. slaves beyond death
  • 1.3. reaping flesh
  • 1.4. seed of cain
  • 2.1. arc of violence
  • 2.2. a place of insane brutality
  • 2.3. burning hate
  • 2.4. chains of the afterlife
13. November 2015
Genre: Metal

black breath

slaves beyond death


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Über diesen Artikel

"Slaves Beyond Death" is the 3rd full-length from the new kings of Seattle Death Metal: Black (FUCKING) Breath. Like its predecessors, this album was recorded by Kurt Ballou (High on Fire, Nails, Baptists, Converge) at his infamous God City studio in Salem, MA. The heathens of the Breath have taken a decidedly more sick and evil sonic direction with their latest burnt offering. They have effectively and efficiently ripped off their old skin and left us with a more grotesque, rotting corpse of PURE filthy Death Metal. Bid farewell to any good time hardcore, punk or retro thrash vibes. Its all putrid stench and bile vomited up by THEE best current DM band that currently rages. This music ain't pretty but neither are you. Suit up, strap it on and get ... mehr lesen