• 1.1. horns of baphomet
  • 1.2. modern iconoclasts
  • 1.3. here & beyond
  • 1.4. as above so below
  • 1.5. blackest ov the black
  • 1.6. hekau 718
  • 1.7. the harlot ov the saints
  • 1.8. no sympathy for fools
  • 1.9. zos kia cultus
  • 1.10. fornicatus benefictus
  • 1.11. typhonian soul zodiack
  • 1.12. heru ra ha, let there be might
03. Juni 2011
Genre: Metal


zos kia cultus


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Über diesen Artikel

Zos Kia Cultus was Behemoth's sixth album and saw the band ascend ever closer to the top of the Death Metal hierarchy, with highly efficient execution & composition. The brutal and complex riffs & structural twists would stand them alongside bands like Death Metal heroes Morbid Angel - Behemoth's abilities bringing them far from the primitive black metal roots evident when the band formed in 1991. Recorded in 2002 at Hendrix Studios and released later the same year. The album was produced by mainman Nergal & engineered/mixed by Arkadiusz Malczewski. The album themes are firmly rooted in strong occultism, the title referring to 'Zos Kia Cultus' (Here and Beyond), a form of magic developed by Austin Osman Spare. This edition includes the video to the ... mehr lesen