• 1.1. twilight of the gods
  • 1.2. through blood by thunder
  • 1.3. blood and iron
  • 1.4. under the runes
  • 2.1. to enter your mountain
  • 2.2. bond of blood
  • 2.3. hammerheart


twilight of the gods


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STUNNING DOUBLE 180 GRAM LIMITED EDITION GATEFOLD VINYL REISSUE OF BATHORYS SIXTH ALBUM Twilight of the Gods is the sixth album by Bathory. It continues the exploration of the newly created Viking metal style, and also displays a heavy classical influence; it is titled after an opera by Wagner, and the melody of "Hammerheart" is lifted from Gustav Holst's The Planets (more specifically, from the fourth movement, Jupiter). Bathory was formed in Stockholm in 1983. Founder Quorthon, a seventeen-year-old guitarist, was joined by bassist Hanoi and drummer Vans. After various name changes (beginning with Nosferatu, then Natas, Mephisto, Elizabeth Bathory and Countess Bathory) they finally settled on Bathory. Their first recording deal came that same year, ... mehr lesen