• 1.1. the berserker's path
  • 1.2. spit
  • 1.3. cult witness
  • 1.4. astral kannibal
  • 1.5. into the golden abyss
  • 1.6. swinging the eclipse
  • 1.7. the stoning
  • 1.8. white nights
20. Dezember 2019
Genre: Metal


st. pauli sessions


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Repress on black vinyl! "We recorded this session only two weeks after DEATH BY BURNING came out on Svart Records. The band was brand new back then and some people would't believe that we would be able to reproduce the fat sound of the record in a live situation. As a reaction to that plus due to the fact we never played a tour at that point we thought we better prove it and played the songs again "live in the studio". So we invited some friends, bought some beer, miced up our equipment as started playing. The result is what you hear. We took the best 8 songs out of that session and put them on wax. This is quite cool as it happened to have a little different vibe than the actual studio record and should please especially the people who consider ... read more