• 1.1. åpenbaring
  • 1.2. spring fra livet
  • 1.3. trepan
  • 1.4. bruane brenn
  • 1.5. evig vandrar
  • 1.6. snilepisk
  • 1.7. månelyst
  • 2.1. nekrokosmos
  • 2.2. undertro
  • 2.3. tordenbrak
  • 2.4. kvelertak
22. März 2013
Genre: Metal




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They're called punk and metal, but at their hearts Norwegian berserkers Kvelertak are the living, firebreathing embodiment of rock and roll. Since their formation in 2006, they've built a die-hard fan-base hungry for their utterly ferocious live shows that have already burned two flaming tire-tracks across the globe. Kvelertak's euphorically-received self-titled 2011 debut was iTunes 2011's US Metal Breakthrough Artist of The Year. Pitchfork described their sound as having "monolithic walls of adrenal-gland-strangling sound" while LA Weekly named frontman Erland Hjelvik #2 on their list of top ten metal frontmen (and women) under 30. Overseas the band has racked up numerous accolades. Kvelertak was called "the best Norwegian debut of all time" by ... read more