• 1.1. battue
  • 1.2. of armistice
  • 1.3. bones
  • 1.4. panica
  • 1.5. portland, maine
  • 1.6. in full swing
  • 1.7. helicopter youth
  • 1.8. makel
  • 1.9. travelogue
  • 1.10. omori
  • 1.11. clodburst~torrent.

city light thief


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"Vacilando" is a term for somebody who is on a journey for the journey's sake, somebody who does not want to know where exactly his destination lies and whether they will eventually make it there or not." This is what CITY LIGHT THIEF have to say about the title of their new album. However, the statement also sort of describes the developmental process behind the album. There was no higher concept involved this time around, no literary original, and no elaborate plan the songs had to subordinate to. Instead, CLT "just kept writing songs until we had an album". CITY LIGHT THIEF know very well about their strengths and how to use them. From the dissonant-yet-catchy opener "Battue" to the epic "Omori" CITY LIGHT THIEF demonstrate their versatility and ... read more