• 1.1. cowboy chloe
  • 1.2. lonely boogie
  • 1.3. rollerskate
  • 1.4. suddenly
  • 1.5. restless
  • 1.6. keep falling in love
  • 1.7. who do you know
  • 1.8. barely on my mind
  • 1.9. toss up
29. Juni 2018
Genre: Indie

krauter, kevin

toss up (mc)

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Über diesen Artikel

"Useful Solitude" is the phrase Kevin Krauter uses to describe Toss Up, his upcoming full-length debut on Bayonet Records - both the conditions in which it was created and the prevailing theme of these nine iridescent indie-pop songs. In between tours the Indiana musician spent long hours in his basement, guitars and vintage keyboards his only company, and tested out ideas, explored new sonic avenues, savored new sounds, and taught himself how to play a few instruments. 'Toss Up' builds on the sonic worlds of Krauter's first releases, conveying a similar mood with a greater array of instruments and influences. An insightful songwriter with a lyrical style that is both economical and evocative, Krauter crafts unique soundscapes that scramble a range ... mehr lesen