• 1.1. clear skies
  • 1.2. to walk away
  • 1.3. don't turn off the lights
  • 1.4. going up
  • 1.5. destroy me
  • 1.6. she helped me forget
  • 1.7. cleaning up
  • 1.8. only you
  • 1.9. tender queen
  • 1.10. summer daze
  • 1.11. tender queen
  • 1.12. maybe tomorrow

dream phases

clear skies // maybe tomorrow

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Über diesen Artikel

Shortly after formation, Dream Phases released their debut EP "Maybe Tomorrow" on Lolipop Records. Obscure Sound's Mike Mineo called the album, "swaying, hypnotic melodies of vintage psych-folk and rock with a contemporary pop charm." The March release also marked their first tour including an official showcase at South by Southwest. July saw the band tour as part of the Mad Alchemy Caravan with a host of Los Angeles and San Francisco bands and, most recently, Dream Phases released their latest single 'Easy Love' on Lunar Ruins followed by another tour. They are currently working on their first full-length record (due for a Spring 2019 release).