• 1.1. eleta
  • 1.2. second
  • 1.3. leaves
  • 1.4. mass
  • 1.5. saturday snow storm
  • 1.6. mescaline
  • 1.7. pips
14. Dezember 2018
Genre: Hip-Hop

blank, jeff

landscape pt. 1

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Über diesen Artikel

Armed with just a backpack sub-woofer and an around the neck mobile modular, Jeff Blank set off to the outer Mongolian reaches, seeking out his Parvita. His rippling sound vibrations resonated back and forth bringing love, fertility and devotion (all at the optimum level of 80db of course). Jeff's Landscapes are a collection of new and previously unreleased music, all of which was recorded originally for his own lantern-lit, incensed bong cavern. But here big Jeff shifts the emphasis from the bong to the gong, and you can hear a more experimental, electronic focussed sound.