• 1.1. khatozar
  • 1.2. oucyl
  • 1.3. ibbothal
  • 1.4. khaovyn
  • 1.5. qamyn
  • 1.6. bamyn
  • 1.7. kah-gash
03. August 2018
Label: PTP

aghiani, nima


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Über diesen Artikel

New album by composer/producer/violinist, Nima Aghiani (one half of 9T Antiope). Short for Rapid Eye Movement Sleep, the Tehran-born, Paris-based sound artist defines it as, "one of the levels of sleep during which we still see dreams as our eyes are physically in motion - the moment before we awaken. I often experience this as a constant lost state of being, in-between full consciousness and deep sleep." Because of this, the aural discourse of REMS unveils itself through a stretched canvas of rumination and terror - a frequency bath filled with power electronics belting, screeching, and pulsating alongside wondrous sheets of string-kissed melodies. "These seven ... mehr lesen