20. April 2013
Label: ABLAZE!
Genre: Indie


the story of a post-punk popzine 1984-1994

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Über diesen Artikel

Especially For Record Store Day 2013: A limited edition of 500 books, signed by the author, hand-numbered, stickered with RSD logo, and with a free gift in the form of a sheet of errata including a long-lost letter from Thurston Moore (providing the concluding piece of the SY controversy!) What they said about Ablaze!: "There are other people to condemn, Karren - aren't there?" - Morrissey. "I forgive and hope for Karren A" - Thurston Moore. "Fuck off!" - Ian Brown. And when you read the section of the book entitled Record Shop Skulkers, you'll know why The City Is Ablaze! And Record Store Day are a perfect match. Ablaze! fanzine was published in Manchester and Leeds in the late eighties and early nineties by Karren Ablaze! The best bits of this ... mehr lesen