• 1.1. black moose
  • 1.2. there's always someone that you owe
  • 1.3. dark night
  • 1.4. good luck
  • 1.5. i'm so lonesome i could cry
  • 1.6. black train
  • 1.7. st dymphna
  • 1.8. la mauvaise réputation
  • 1.9. heart of stone
  • 1.10. femme fatale
  • 1.11. so wars, so ists und so wirds bleiben
  • 1.12. ship of fooles
  • 1.13. appenzeller tanz
26. September 2014
Genre: Garage

dead brothers, the

black moose

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COMES IN DOUBLE GATEFOLD COVER INCL 12 SIDED BOOKLET After the foundation in 1989 and the commercial breakthrough with 'WUNDERKAMMER' (2006) and a dramatic Change in 2010 (5th SIN---PHONIE) with the probably world darkest and most deadly funeral string orchestra the world has seen, the DEAD BROTHERS , around Puppet Master of Disaster and Nr1 Swiss---Armenian Madman Alain Croubalian, took another step into the unexpected wonderland of exotica dark country folk and deadly strings with some rotten back pipes recorded at the famous OUTSIDE INSIDE STUDIOS in Italy. The album takes you into the world of the BLACK MOOSE , a mystical creature that has been there before the dawn of man, a creature that has witnessed the demise of millenia of civilizations and ... read more