• 1.1. team earth
  • 1.2. the quiet ones
  • 1.3. never change enough
  • 1.4. dodged a bullet
  • 1.5. cold
  • 1.6. she likes noise
  • 1.7. some other time
  • 1.8. moon shy
  • 1.9. darkness too
  • 1.10. chasing the light
  • 1.11. tomorrow
  • 1.12. having fun

stoltz, kelley



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"I was guzzling wine at my favorite bar in San Francisco, the Rite Spot, and the entertainment that night was some local opera singers singing along with a big video screen showing a collage of various operatic moments with subtitles. One particular subtitle, 'Ah!-(etc)' made me laugh, I thought it was a perfect description of life - the joy of existence against the etcetera of it all, the struggle. With a heavy head of rose' it seemed like ecstatic poetry! I scribbled it on a napkin and thought it might make a good title for something" And so the mystery behind the title of Kelley Stoltz new record is solved. Less of a mystery is the quality contained therein_ after 12 self-titled releases and a several more under pseudonyms, Stoltz is the word for ... mehr lesen