• 1.1. you know who you are
  • 1.2. unchain my heart
  • 1.3. if i want to forget (her love)
  • 1.4. i'll be there
  • 1.5. you got that fire
  • 1.6. without words
  • 1.7. she
  • 1.8. everything
  • 1.9. kill me (but first kiss me)
  • 1.10. fairy tale
  • 1.11. looking for a light
20. November 2009
Genre: Metal


crashed on planethard


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Über diesen Artikel

Now they have their debut album out produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio (Moonstone Project, Edge Of Forever) who also handled all keyboards and piano duties. This is 80s hardrock that takes you back to the heydays when band like Ratt, Bulletboys, Kix and other bands in the same genre ruled the scene. Planethard sounds like those mentioned bands but they don't have the killer songs to catch my attention. Their singer Marco Sivo has a screamy voice that is really hard to listen to in the long run. On some of the songs he sings with more feeling and then it sounds OK and the choruses sounds Ok when the background vocals comes in. A couple of nice tracks can be found on their debut album like Unchain My Heart, Without Words and She (good ballad a'la ... mehr lesen