• 1.1. hello, credit card, fidelity, kids say the darndest things
  • 1.2. seattle, steakhouse
  • 1.3. florida
  • 1.4. dog, dreams predict the future, my own culture, jewish
  • 1.5. stalking, bathroom
  • 1.6. russian and atari
  • 1.7. teen wolf, gay marriage, gay rights
  • 1.8. million, rent a car, terminator and matrix, my day
  • 1.9. i'm nervous, virginity, people quoting stuff they've read, not funny to... being
  • 1.10. shapes for sale
  • 1.11. skatepunk, ice cream store, talking dirty, protester on the street, terrible pro
  • 1.12. cupid
  • 1.13. fleet
  • 1.14. special ed, ladies?, grandmother, religion
  • 1.15. pot ads
  • 1.16. mirman
  • 1.17. dub plasma edit-face joke dance party re-mix (dj happy tits edit)
  • 1.18. fate chose you
  • 2.1. gun
  • 2.2. pot
  • 2.3. art
  • 2.4. backdraft ii: backdraftier
25. Oktober 2004
Genre: Indie

mirman, eugene

the absurd nightclub comedy of...


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Über diesen Artikel

EUGENE MIRMAN is "always sharp and hilarious" (The Onion). A degree holder in "Comedy" from Hampshire College, this New York City favorite is a frequent guest on television shows such as Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Comedy Central's Premium Blend, NBC's Late Friday, and more. EUGENE tours nationally in theaters and rock clubs. Often out performing with the comedy troupe Stella (former members of The State), or his own collective, Underdog, you'll also find EUGENE touring in support of bands (recent tour-mates include Modest Mouse and The Shins). This two-disc set includes a CD recorded in New York (Pianos) and Boston (the Middle East) and a DVD featuring the cult hit videos "Gun", "Art", "Pot" and "Backdraft II". This very special release features ... mehr lesen