• 1.1. crazy rhythm
  • 1.2. harlem
  • 1.3. slipped disc
  • 1.4. emfri
  • 1.5. like a drop of oil
  • 1.6. the grabtown grapple
  • 1.7. a smooth one
  • 1.8. oldies oildrop
  • 1.9. polka dots and moonbeams
  • 1.10. dotty's delight
28. März 2014
Genre: Jazz

mangelsdorff, emil

swinging oildrops! [remastered]


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Über diesen Artikel

1 x 140 gr Vinyl + MP3 Download, printed Innersleeves! These days, where a young generation worldwide discovers good swinging Jazz again, where Dexter Gordon returned after so many years in exile like a triumphator to New York and "young swinging Scott Hamilton" becomes something like a 'super-star', it is hard to believe that this album was recorded 13 years ago - hard to believe by both artistic and technical standard. At this time, in the year of 1966, Beatlemania reached its peak and the beat and/ or rock wave ruled the world of music. Nevertheless, Emil Mangelsdorff and his friends went into the studio to produce good swinging music with the idea that any good solid Jazz playing is still superior to the best Rock albums available then. To dream ... mehr lesen