• 1.1. moon queen
  • 1.2. touch your groove
  • 1.3. split
  • 1.4. mutate
  • 1.5. streets of evermore
  • 1.6. dirty driving
  • 1.7. woman king
  • 1.8. the queen i s not impressed
  • 1.9. quicksand
  • 1.10. sos
  • 1.11. hollow horn
  • 1.12. pluto
05. Oktober 2012
Genre: Hard Rock

lord fowl

moon queen


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Über diesen Artikel

"In New Haven, Connecticut I'm standing amongst a swaying crowd of long hair, tattoos, and canned beer... confidant I'm hearing the coolest band I've seen in rock music in a long time. Lord Fowl, a four piece whose retro riffs and looks make me question what decade it is and why I've never heard of this band.?! Overall, their talents surprise me, and I'm not easily impressed. From their shot-of-Jack half-time-pounding heavy grooves. To a somethingsmells- great-in-here and I'm definitely going home with this blonde psychedelic-feel-good vibe - Lord Fowl delivers. Luckily the difference between their live show and their recorded music is minimal. I have listened to both and they have a soulful intensity not easily matched by any band around.With the ... mehr lesen