20. April 2013
Genre: Free Jazz

(fake) the facts - dieb13/gustafsson/siewert

the fake / the fact


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Über diesen Artikel

First and final pressing of 400 for RSD 2013! Special session in January 2013 for Record Store Day 2013, recorded at Martin Siewert's Studio Ganrison7 in Vienna. Cover art by Dieter Kovacic. Mats Gustafsson ( Bass sax): one of the shining names in the current avantgarde/free jazz scene (The Thing, SONORE, Chicago Tentet, duos with Colin Stetson, Thurston Moore...) Martin Siewert (guitar): imporv&composing work in accoustiv & electronic contexts (RADIAN, Heaven And, TRAPIST, THE YEAR OF, ..) DIEB 13 (turntables, cigart box): Viennese turntablist, releases on Mego & Erstwhile.