• 1.1. the first song: harvey
  • 1.2. tibetan quaaludes
  • 1.3. lullaby (take 2: how dry i am)
  • 1.4. song 4
  • 1.5. site specific carniverous occurance
  • 1.6. phase 3: agni detonating over the thar desert
  • 1.7. thrones and dominions
  • 1.8. song 6 (chime)


phase 3


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Über diesen Artikel

The band that gave Sunno))) their name AND concept get the full treatment from Sub Pop this month. Not only are we reissuing Earth's 3rd album on CD, we're issuing all 4 of their catalogue pieces on vinyl (see elsewhere in this release book.) Not only do we recommend picking up Phase 3, please take the time to stock up on all the albums that we currently have in print.