• 1.1. shell
  • 1.2. moonlight
  • 1.3. connect
  • 1.4. from the window
  • 1.5. no common
  • 1.6. hiding
  • 1.7. bridge
  • 1.8. fleeting feeling
  • 1.9. i made something
  • 1.10. a sense of dread
03. September 2021
Label: MORR
Genre: Elektro




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Über diesen Artikel

Jimmy Tamborello returns with a collection of 10 pop-infused vocal hymns - simultaneously perfect dance floor fillers and lullabies. "Away" is the second of two Dntel albums to be released in 2021 by Morr Music in collaboration with Les Albums Claus. While "The Seas Trees See" showcased Tamborello's more intricate and quiet side, "Away" embraces his love for pop music. A genre which like no other has been resonating the advancements of technology from the very beginning. Songwriting was sequenced and computerized on such a large scale that it would change the sonic aesthetics of the charts forever. Dntel is a musician who changed pop music forever - and still works in this never-ending labour of love, both effortless and highly focused, constantly ... mehr lesen