• 1.1. so many roads
  • 1.2. raglan road
  • 1.3. all fool's day
  • 1.4. when the gypsy casts her spell
  • 1.5. victoria
  • 1.6. jesus gonna make it alright
  • 1.7. tower hill road
  • 1.8. ain't nothing left
  • 1.9. let my love
  • 1.10. tonight the bottle let me down
  • 1.11. you can't always get what you want
20. September 2013
Genre: Blues

big george & the business

the legend so far


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Über diesen Artikel

There is also the Legend So Far CD album which takes a look across George's career in the 1990s. Fellow performer Ian Siegal said in Classic Rock 2013: "George had it off stage as well as on, he owned any room he walked into, but without arrogance and he was loaded with charm. He was a world class rock and roller, although it was his ballad writing that really got to me, such incredible emotion"