• 1.1. fashion bleeds
  • 1.2. dead red eyes
  • 1.3. i.n.s.
  • 1.4. perfect time
  • 1.5. slick tricks and bright lights
  • 1.6. one slight wrong move
  • 1.7. banging on a dead drum
  • 1.8. smokers in love
  • 1.9. after the last laugh
  • 1.10. white trash heroes
  • 2.1. jive kata (7-inch single, 1997)
  • 2.2. fashion bleeds (wth 4-track demo)
  • 2.3. dead red eyes (wth 4-track demo)
  • 2.4. slicks tricks and bright lights (wth 4-track demo)
  • 2.5. one slight wrong move (wth 4-track demo)
  • 2.6. banging on a dead drum (wth 4-track demo)
  • 2.7. smokers in love (wth 4-track demo)
  • 2.8. after the last laugh (wth 4-track demo)
  • 2.9. white trash heroes (wth 4-track demo)
  • 2.10. untitled and forgotten (wth 4-track demo)
  • 2.11. walk of shame (wth unreleased b-side)
  • 2.12. untitled (wth unreleased b-side)
  • 2.13. whooh! (wth unreleased b-side)

archers of loaf

white trash heroes


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Über diesen Artikel

Originally released in 1998; refreshed here with reworked art by Casey Burns & liner notes by Josh Modell. LP is white vinyl in gatefold jacket and full album download with 13 digital-only bonus tracks. 2xCD is digipak. CD1 is the 10-track standard album. CD2 is a 13-track bonus compilation. Archers of Loaf almost called it quits after All the Nations Airports due to the strain of touring and the rut of the album cycle (i.e., make record, make video, do interviews, tour, tour, tour; repeat) but decided they would make one more album and see how they felt after that process. They again enlisted the help of Brian Paulson to record the album that became White Trash Heroes. On this album the band added keyboards to several songs as well as vocoder, and ... mehr lesen