23. Januar 2015
Genre: Jazz


night owl


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Über diesen Artikel

Norwegian jazz is as vital as ever and one can but wonder where it all comes from. With "Night Owl", their second album for Rune Grammofon, Eyolf Dale (29) and André Roligheten (29) are already five albums into their career and showing a maturity in writing and playing that is betraying their age considerably. Their previous album, "Tree House" with Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, also showed that they can write for a large ensemble, this being a commissioned work from Molde International Jazz Festival in 2013. "Night Owl" was recorded at Fattoria Musica in rural Osnabrück, Germany, a studio that has hosted many famous musicians and is known for its top quality equipment and ambiance. The music can be described as contemporary jazz with threads to both ... mehr lesen