13. Dezember 2019
Genre: Jazz


super majnoon [east meets west]


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Über diesen Artikel

[Ahmed] - the quartet of Pat Thomas (piano), Antonin Gerbal (drums), Joel Grip (bass) and Seymour Wright (alto saxophone) - make music of heavy rhythm, repetition and syncopation set deep into an understanding of jazz and the obscure depths of its history. On 'Super Majnoon [East Meets West]' the group work and rework the music of the late musician Ahmed Abdul-Malik to create a stamping, swinging, propulsive record where profundity and physicality root right back to ecstatic feeling. [Ahmed] reimagine the notes of Malik as they push for the trajectory of free jazz to emerge from the clichés and cloy neo-classicisms of current 'improvised music'. Melodies respirate, swell, escalate and combust in a driving jazz which yes is technical, yes is ... mehr lesen