• 1.1. heartbreak
  • 1.2. idle (second thoughts)
  • 1.3. tonight, we fall
  • 1.4. new frustration
  • 1.5. love lies
  • 1.6. at the end of it all
  • 1.7. nothing lasts
  • 1.8. a day like forever
  • 1.9. we will rest
  • 1.10. rise & fall


the way things fall


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"A good friend of ours said after hearing an advance copy of this record that ADULT. used to sit on the sidelines and critique the idiosyncrasies of culture, but now we are on the inside, sending our message out." So says Adam Lee Miller of The Way Things Fall, ADULT.'s fifth album and a record that genuinely deserves the oft-abused music industry epithet "long-awaited." Miller pauses before adding wryly, "We agree." The Way Things Fall is an album that looked like it might never happen, because since the release of Miller and his partner Nicola Kuperus' last record - 2007's Why Bother? - the duo have been largely absent from the world of music. "After a long world tour, we totally burnt out," Miller relates. "We decided we wanted to do something ... mehr lesen