• 1.1. she's a vampire
  • 1.2. queen and country
  • 1.3. traitor
  • 1.4. cover band
  • 1.5. bending the knee
  • 1.6. welcome to the madhouse
  • 1.7. spice of life
  • 1.8. the ballad of mary jane
  • 1.9. house of straw
  • 1.10. it's cider time
  • 1.11. before the bomb
  • 1.12. tomorrow is another day
  • 1.13. starlight
25. Juni 2021
Genre: Hard Rock

adam and the hellcats

claws out


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Über diesen Artikel

Adam and the Hellcats are an 8 piece rock band from Bristol with influences ranging from Motorhead, Status Quo, Saxon and many more classic artists. Formed by Adam Feasey who is the energetic front man their music is heavily influenced by Adams own life story of growing up as a kid with Aspergers Syndrome and finding that music was his passion. Alongside Adam come the soaring and versatile vocals of Cirwen Farrant, together they present a real musical and live onslaught of foot tapping and headbanging rock. With great guitar riffs, keyboard and Adams dad on drums the band have made a name for themselves as a great live act and easy listening to those who are not usually into rock! Adam and the Hellcats debut album 'Claws Out' has something for ... mehr lesen