• 1.1. lost.forever.
  • 1.2. lucidly adrift
  • 1.3. eclipse of the sane pt. 1 : isolation ghosts
  • 1.4. dusk contemplation...
  • 1.5. ...last epistle
  • 1.6. wander in sedation
  • 1.7. eclipse of the sane pt. 2 : fiddler of the bottle
  • 1.8. there bears the fruit of deceit


in time for the last rays of light


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Abrahma's third album "In Time for the Last Rays of Light" follows three tumultuous years of personal challenges and lineup changes. It is a chronicle of the ravages of coping with loss and mental illness, brought to bear with heavy and progressive songwriting, melodic catharsis and an impact that goes beyond the material itself. Produced and mixed at Orgone Studios by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Paradise Lost, Ghost, etc.), "In Time for the Last Rays of Light" follows 2015's "Reflections in the Bowels of a Bird" and whether it is the stark chug and lumbering weight of "Eclipse of the Sane Pt. 1: Isolation Ghosts" or the furious blast-beating in the prior "Lucidly Adrift," its songs produce a depth of atmosphere that speaks to the soul that birthed them. A ... mehr lesen