• 1.1. wait for my love (unreleased 6th single - version 1)
  • 1.2. it's you (aka i don't ever want to come down)
  • 1.3. may the circle remain unbroken (original mix - unreleased 6th single) livin' on
  • 1.4. (alternate full take with original vocals)
  • 1.5. never another (alternate full take with original vocals)
  • 1.6. dr doom (alternate take 6, original vocals)
  • 1.7. sweet surprise (take 5 - backing track)
  • 1.8. moon song (take 1 - backing track)
  • 2.1. livin' on
  • 2.2. barnyard blues
  • 2.3. till then
  • 2.4. never another
  • 2.5. rose and the thorn
  • 2.6. down by the river
  • 2.7. scarlet and gold
  • 2.8. street song
  • 2.9. dr doom
  • 2.10. with you
  • 2.11. may the circle remain unbroken
27. September 2019
Genre: Rock

13th floor elevators, the

bull of the woods


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THE 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS' 1968 POST-PSYCHEDELIC ROCK RECORD AS MID-PRICE DELUXE DOUBLE CD PACKAGE! Featuring: The lost 'third' album A Love That's Sound mono mix : Remastered stereo audio from 2007 This mid-price 2CD edition of 'Bull of the Woods' is the ultimate deluxe edition of the album. It is presented in brilliant jewel case packaging complete with a detailed 16-page booklet written by band expert Paul Drummond. During a turbulent time for the Elevators, caused by drug issues and incarceration for vocalist Roky Erickson, lead guitarist Stacy Sutherland ran the recordings for these two albums, featuring a frequently-changing line-up. The result is this fine post-psychedelic rock album in Bull of the Woods, which features on Disc 2. The first ... mehr lesen