• 1.1. up on a mountain
  • 1.2. sold! to the nice rich man
  • 1.3. unless the lord the house shall build
  • 1.4. he never said a mumblin' word
  • 1.5. hail to the lord's anointed
  • 1.6. but for you who fear my name
  • 1.7. american legion
  • 1.8. you made my day
  • 1.9. half a person
  • 1.10. jesus
  • 1.11. i am a stranger
  • 1.12. deep were his wounds, and red

welcome wagon, the

welcome to the welcome wagon


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Recorded, produced, and arranged by Sufjan Stevens. This debut album by THE WELCOME WAGON unveils a ramshackle sing-along enterprise of a Presbyterian pastor (the Rev. Vito Aiuto) and his wife (Monique) wrestling out the influences of folk music, religion, popular culture, and church tradition in a collection of songs that is as soulful as it is good-humored. This gorgeous brew is reflected in the group's repertoire, which unflinchingly consolidates a vast history of "sacred" song traditions: from old Testament psalms, to Presbyterian Psalters of the 17th century, to iconoclastic pop innovators of the 1960s (The Velvet Underground), to charismatic catholics of the 1970s (Lenny Smith), and even into the melancholy lovelorn pop of the 1980s (The ... read more