• 1.1. everything begins
  • 1.2. tintinnabulation
  • 1.3. the birmingham eccentric
  • 1.4. gardenia
  • 1.5. mother nature
  • 1.6. to speak to the girl
  • 1.7. put my troubles to sleep
  • 1.8. when you forget
  • 1.9. your reverie
  • 1.10. i nearly lost my mind
  • 1.11. something more
  • 1.12. reflecting
  • 1.13. morning sun
  • 1.14. you alone

stoltz, kelley

circular sound


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Circular Sounds is the fourth LP from San Francisco's home recording auteur Kelley Stoltz. Its 14 songs are a stereophonic advance on the lo-fidelity psych-fuzz of Antique Glow (Beautiful Happiness, 2004) and the mid-fi piano-rock of Below the Branches (Sub Pop, 2006): two modest masterpieces which, by a curious coincidence, both made #24 in MOJO magazine's "Best Albums" list for their respective years. Kelley has also been praised by such esteemed publications as Uncut, Rolling Stone, Q, The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Time Out London, The Independent, and Ptolemaic Terrascope. In Australia he is a bona fide cult sensation, having scored a radio hit with "Underwater's Where the Action Is" (off Antique Glow), while "Birdies Singing" (off ... read more